Welcome to Adventure Place

8783 children and families
received services at
Adventure Place
last year.

Welcome to Adventure Place

Adventure Place is a child and family centre that works with families and other care providers to strengthen children’s social, emotional, behavioural, developmental and adaptive functioning in all of their environments.  The Adventure Place continuum of service delivery model provides families with access to a wide array of services based on their individual needs.  This coordinated and integrated approach recognizes the importance of prevention, early intervention and treatment services.  We help children realize their full potential!

Adventure Place is a fully accredited and registered charitable organization.

Laura Hearn

Office Held: Director Start Date: June 2015 Company Name: TELUS Communications […]

Maya Mboup

Office Held: Director Start Date: June 2015 Company Name: Deloitte Maya […]

Speech-Language Pathologist (Contract, Part-time)

Adventure Place is currently seeking a Speech-Language Pathologist Part-time, Contract […]


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