Service Delivery Philosophy

High quality, individualized education and treatment programs for children aged four to seven who are experiencing a range of difficulties and challenges.

Service Delivery Philosophy

The agency service philosophy is that all children have the right to healthy development and the achievement of their full potential. Our approach to care recognizes that each family comes to us with inherent strengths and knowledge. It is the intention of the agency to build upon these strengths by providing services that promote autonomy, self-efficacy, skill development and quality of life.

We respect each family’s unique values, beliefs and sense of community; including cultural and spiritual views.

The needs and preferences of clients are at the centre of the work we do and inform all the work Adventure Place commits to.

Adventure Place ensures family members have a voice in shaping the services that are provided throughout the provision of service, through formal mechanisms such as surveys and a Parent Advisory Committee, and less formal mechanisms such as case conferences and service plans. Families have the right to consent to service, and to refuse and decline any service, at any time.