Autism Fee For Service

Early Childhood Specialists work with children, families and other care providers to help children reach their potential in their natural daily environments, including home, school and child care. Other services are accessed as needed, including social work services, psychological assessments, occupational therapy, and speech and language consultation sessions.

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What we offer
Adventure Place provides a high quality Autism Early Intervention Day Program to children with an autism diagnosis, 5 years of age and under, and their parents/caregivers. The Day Program is a classroom-based behaviour service that targets communication, behaviour, daily living, and social skills development in one comprehensive unique and effective program.

Who would benefit?
Families looking for:

  • Evidence based behaviour treatment services
  • One-stop integrated service model to address concerns with speech/communication, social skills, behaviour and daily living
  • Highly skilled and qualified inter-professional team of staff
  • Therapeutic School setting with access to a gym and outdoor play equipment

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What are my options?
Option 1—Autism Early Intervention Day Program
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, Friday (8:30am–3pm)
Rate: $2,597–$5,194 monthly*

Option 2—Autism Early Intervention Day Program Plus
Same as Option 1 plus individual speech therapy.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, Friday (8:30am–3pm)
Rate: $2,597–$5,194 monthly, plus $2,300 for speech therapy.*
*Rates vary based on number of therapy days available per month.

Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child has a therapy space by pre-registering early. We are currently registering for September–December 2019 and for January–December 2020.

Enrollment space is limited. A minimum of 3 consecutive months of therapy is recommended to demonstrate meaningful gains.

To reserve your space, call: (416) 744-7650 ext. 700 or complete the form below.

Download a copy of our flyer here.

Why choose Adventure Place Toronto Autism Services?

Over 42 years of experience providing autism treatment services and supports to children and families.


  • We provide evidence-based behavioural intervention services
  • Board Certified Behaviour Analysts oversee your child’s behaviour plan based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • All programming is tailored to the individual needs of each child and is developed in collaboration with parents
  • We employ highly trained staff with expertise in ABA
  • We invest in ongoing training and development
  • We are fully accredited through Canadian Centre for Accreditation
  • We use evaluation and performance measurements to promote best practice

Access to Multi-disciplinary Services and Resources:

  • Behaviour therapy
  • Speech assessments and therapy
  • Family supports and parent education
  • Access to other agency services such as counselling as needed

Unique Physical Setting:

  • All services are delivered in a classroom within a school setting which will help your child become familiar with school environments
  • Opportunities for gross-motor development in our school gym and outdoor playscape
  • Access to a professionally designed sensory Snoezelen room
  • Services are delivered year-round and are accessible by transit

Autism Fee For Service – Online Registration

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