Toronto Autism Services

Early Childhood Specialists work with children, families and other care providers to help children reach their potential in their natural daily environments, including home, school and child care. Other services are accessed as needed, including social work services, psychological assessments, occupational therapy, and speech and language consultation sessions.

News and Updates

As of April, 2019 the Ministry of Children Community and Social Services introduced Childhood Budgets and will begin a phased approach to provide a family with a child and or youth diagnosed with Autism direct funding to access services and supports through a range of eligible services purchased by the family. Information about the Ontario Autism Program is available here:

Ontario Autism Program

On April 2, 2019 the Ministers of Children, Community and Social Services, Education and Health and Long-Term Care jointly announced that the Ontario government will be conducting consultations to further enhance the new Ontario Autism Program (OAP).

Starting in May 2019, the government will launch public consultation through an online survey and telephone town halls.  Input will be used to determine how best to provide additional supports to children and youth with autism who have complex needs, through additional direct funding.

Further information regarding the consultations can be found here:

Government Consultations

On July 29, 2019 – MCCSS Minister Smith announces change to Ontario Autism Program. Read press release here:

Adventure Place is committed to continue to support our families with children in service through this transition period into the new Ontario Autism Program.

We are also pleased to announce that we will continue to provide high quality evidence based behavioral intervention to children as we move into a fee for service approach in the near future. Please return to this page on our website for future announcements regarding our fee for service.

If you have a child or youth with a written diagnosis of autism and you wish to register your child please contact the Ministry’s Central Intake and Registration Team at 1-888-444-4530.

Further support about system navigation may be found through Autism Ontario. You can contact Autism Ontario staff at 1-800-472-7789 or contact their website ( for further information.