Toronto Autism Services

Early Childhood Specialists work with children, families and other care providers to help children reach their potential in their natural daily environments, including home, school and child care. Other services are accessed as needed, including social work services, psychological assessments, occupational therapy, and speech and language consultation sessions.

Toronto Autism Services is a partnership with Adventure Place, Aisling Discoveries Child and Family Centre, Etobicoke Children’s Centre, Geneva Centre for Autism, Kerry’s Place Autism Services and Surrey Place Centre.

Toronto Autism Services provides families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder with flexible, family-centred services based on each child’s unique needs. Services include assessment, treatment (one-to-one and group) and parent education. Services also include evaluation and monitoring in order to be flexible and responsive to changing evidence and practice.

In the Toronto Region families can contact Surrey Place Centre at 416-925-5141, ext. 2289, to access services for their children and youth as part of the single point of access.

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Independent Clinical Review Process

The Independent Clinical Review (ICR) Process offers your family and your child the opportunity to have key components of your child’s OAP Behaviour Plan reviewed by a team of independent Clinical Reviewers.

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