Main Contact and General Information

Adventure Place

McNicoll Public School
155 McNicoll Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M2H 2C1

Telephone: 416-744-7650
Fax: 416-744-8055

Main Office Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturdays and evenings as scheduled

How to Access our Services
Parent/Legal Guardian can call 416-744-7650 ext. 4228

Service-Specific Contact Information

Better Beginnings Now 416-499-3377 ext. 4333
EarlyON Child and Family Centre – Willowdale 416-494-1579 ext. 4301
Toronto Autism Services – Lesmill Site 647-350-0244
Early Abilities Speech and Language Services: 416-449-8989 ext. 4298


Main Office: McNicoll Public School – 155 McNicoll Ave. Toronto, ON, M2H 2C1
Toronto Autism Services – Lesmill Site: 244 Lesmill Rd., Toronto, ON, M3B 2T5

We also provide services at other locations in Toronto. Please check the information provided to you about the location of your appointment or program, in advance.

Senior Management

Cheryl Webb, Executive Director 416-744-7650 ext. 4258 

Paul Bessin, Program Director 416-744-7650 ext. 4229

Esther Caplan, Program Director 416-744-7650 ext. 4250

Genevieve Martins, Clinical Director 416-744-7650 ext. 4288

Debbie Modrovsky, Business Director and Privacy Officer 416-744-7650 ext. 4224