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Here are some comments from parents of children in our programs:

“Thank you for your support and dedication. During the weeks we had ups and downs, your advice, patience and smile helped us get back on track. We already see a huge improvement at home!”


“Thank you so much for supporting our child and our family on this journey of building positive relationships with each other. We have all learned and grown together.”


“People like you make this journey easier because you’ve empowered us to be the best parents we can be.”


“We can now be sure to make parenting decisions with confidence when confronted with difficult situations.”


“I am becoming more confident and less stressed and increasing my knowledge to help my children.”


“It has opened up my mind in understanding the complexities of how my son’s mind works.”


“The program was amazing. It gave us a lifeline when we thought there was no hope.”


“It takes a very special group of people to nurture the children to be all that they can be.”


“Adventure Place has provided my son with a happy learning and extremely supportive environment in which to excel and be the loving, nurturing and charismatic boy that he has evolved into.”

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