Vision, Mission, Goals, Values & Strategic Plan

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All children realize their full potential!


We transform the lives of children and their families by collaborating with parents and our partners to implement a wide range of integrated services that promote healthy child development and inclusion in the community.


  • To reduce the impact of difficulties and special needs.
  • To help children achieve their potential by building on their strengths and self-esteem.
  • To increase parental knowledge, competence, and confidence.
  • To reduce family stress.
  • To reduce the risk of longer term or more complex difficulties.


These values reflect how we CARE!

  • Child and Family Driven: Our services are inclusive, nurturing and responsive to the needs of families and their children.
  • Accountability:  We strive to demonstrate value and effectiveness in all our endeavours by pursuing evidence-based practices and operating with transparency and integrity.
  • Respect:  Respect guides our relationships with staff, children, families and community partners.
  • Excellence:  Our commitment to excellence is integral to the work of our organization and inspires innovation and adaptability.

Strategic Plan

Click here to see our 2014-2019 Strategic Plan.

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